Monday, October 20, 2014


Hi everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! I had hoped to get this post up yesterday, but we had an issue with the monitor for most of the day where it was turned on, but no image on the screen. Still not sure why it happened, it just fixed itself, thankfully, last night. Today I would like to share with you my most recent creation for CSI. As you can probably guess, I loved this case-file!!! The colors were a perfect match for a photo I have of Jet when he was about 7 months old.

Case-file 144:

For my evidence I used: 
Paint/watercolor: I used 13 Arts Matte paints on my background mixed with equal parts Acrylic Liquid Medium and lots of water for a watercolor effect.
Polka dots, stripes: I have used striped paper for the bottom half of my page, and a stencil from the Crafter's Workshop to create a Polka Dot pattern on the background with Texture Paste.
Triangles: I have cut a piece of paper into a triangle and a piece of glitter tape into a smaller triangle to create the arrow on the left of the page.
Lightbulbs: I have used a Prima lightbulb on the right of my page, beneath the flower.
Tickets, clips: I have used a Prima canvas peg clipped onto my photo. 
Ribbon, buttons: I have placed a grey button on my twine frame at the lower right corner of my photo.
Phrase Stickers: The 'I Love You' to the left of my photo. It's not really a sticker, I cut it from a sheet of paper.
Flowers: Lots of yummy Prima flowers!!!!
Metal: I have used some metal screw heads, nuts, pins, and part of the lightbulb is also metal.

For my Testimony I have used all three Inspiration words: real, curious, and limit. My journaling is on the back of my layout as it is quite lengthy.

It reads:
" This photo of you was taken when you first began to crawl, and I swear you have been testing the limit of my patience since you first realized you could move about on your own. From the day you first began to move yourself around, you literally have not stopped. You rarely sit still, and in the blink of an eye you will be somewhere completely different. You are a real curious little boy, always getting into everything, pulling it apart, digging it up, smashing it to bits, just to see how everything works and is put together. Curious and destructive would probably be a better term. I find it hard to tell you off though because you always look up at me with those big blue eyes and such an innocent look on your face that it melts my heart and instead of growling I just want to hug you. What can I say your a boy and boys will be boys. I love you too much. Though I must admit I sometimes wish you would just sit down for 5 minutes and not move. You may sit down, but you move and fidget constantly. Where does all that energy come from???? You have more than the 4 adults in the house combined!!!! You haven't really changed so much since you started crawling, even though your now 3, and you walk and talk. You still have the same big blue eyes, the same curiosity, enthusiasm, energy. You still love cuddles from Mommy!!! At the end of the day your perfect and everything I ever dreamed of or could have wanted. Besides, compared to some other kids I know your an angel who always behaves. I love you!!!"

'I love You.... Always'

I love the combination of blue and yellow here, particularly in the background paint work. These colors just work together so, so well!!!

Some details:

As always.... lots of Dimension and layers!!! For my tile I have cut the 'I Love You' from a sheet of 13 Arts paper, and added it to my paper layers on the left of the photo. I have then popped the word 'Always' from a Heidi Swapp pack and layered it on my photo, slightly tucking behind the yellow flower.

I have wrapped the stem of my arrow with some blue cord and metallic gold thread. I love waxed twine, bakers twine, cord, thread, all of it. they are one thing I am not sure I will ever get tired of using.

I have painted some Dusty Attic chipboard chevrons with matte Turquoise paint from 13 Arts. Adding them to the top and bottom of the page pointing towards the photo.

When I had added all my elements to the page and glued everything down, I covered my photo and sprayed everything with 13 Arts Silver Pearl Mist to give it all a beautiful shimmer!!

I had hoped to also share with you today my creation for our CSI and Scrap365 collaboration case-file, but we had family over most of the day, so by the time I got around to writing this post it was already late in the afternoon. Sadly this means it is now its time for me to get dinner ready, bath Jet, ect. I will try and write it up to share with you guys within the next few days. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful week full of lots of scrappy fun!!!! 

Big hugs!!


  1. This is gorgeous! LOOOOVE that blue & those chevrons are YUMMY!!! Most of all I adore your 'arrow' with the feathers on top all wrapped up like that. Looks fabulous:):)

  2. This is so beautiful! Love all the elements and flowers and paint! Cute photo too! Lovely take on the challenge!

  3. Such an adorable page! My eyes go straight to that very COOL arrow!


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