Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Hi everyone!!!
As you all know it is getting to that time of year when many of begin to think about Christmas, and begin getting prepared. It is around this time of the year that I begin to make all my Christmas Cards, though I must confess I generally only make them for close family members as I come from quite a big family and there is just no way I would have time to make cards for them all!!!! 

Today I want to share with you these 2 matching Christmas Cards I made using new products from 13 Arts. I find Christmas Cards much quicker to make if I do matching pairs as then there is no need to decide on entirely different papers, colors, designs, ect, and I can do both at the same time.

I also put together a Video Tutorial for you which you can find at the end of this post.

Here is first card I put together for you today.....


Some details:

And here is the second.....


 Some details:

Here is the Video too :-)

 13 Arts products used:

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hi everyone!!! I hope you have all been well? 

Today I would like to share with you this layout I made using a combination of the new collections by Aida and Olga at 13 Arts. 

You will notice in the tutorial below that these finished photo's actually have a different photo on them to those throughout the tutorial. Unfortunately as I was adding final touches i spilled quite a bit of ink over the photo and it was ruined, so I have cut another photo to the same size and replaced it..... The bonus is I like this photo on here much better!!!


Some Details:

 Here is the tutorial :-)

Start by choosing your sheet for the background, then from another sheet of paper tear a strip using a ruler roughly 4 inches thick and glue it onto your background sheet to the left of the page, but not on the edge (leave a small gap). Then tear off the bottom left hand corner. Cut a rectangle of yet another piece of paper to fit behind it. Then attach everything to a thick piece of cardstock. 

Use a paint brush or palette knife to paint 1-2 coats of Clear gesso over the entire background. When it is dry add some Modelling paste through the Doily mask for texture. Let it dry thoroughly before continuing with the next step otherwise the water and mist can cause the modelling paste to loose it stenciled shape and wash off.

 Start with both the Pastel and Chalk Dirty Pink Mists. Unscrew the lids or spray some onto your desk, then use a small paintbrush to flick the colors all over the background. Then flick water over the top and let the mist mix with the water on the page. Add more color and water as necessary.
 Dry it with a heat gun.
If you want your background to be darker or more vibrant, add another layer of color when the first is dry once again using the Pastel and Chalk Dirty Pink Mists, but also add some Pearl Pink, Chalk Woodbine and Fuchsia, and Pastel Raspberry Mists in small amounts, along with water, slowly building up your color until you are happy with it.
You can dry it with a heat gun to gen some interesting watercolor effects,

When the Mists were completely dried I used my palette knife to scrape some very small amounts of gesso over certain areas to highlight some of the stenciling and lighten the color in certain spots. 
When the Gesso was dry I added some random stamping with the new Chart Stamp and also stamped Beautiful Memories near the top of the page. I then added splatters of Black Water-based Ink and the new SPLASH! Ink in Glitter Pink.
Next I have used papers mostly from the Secret letter Collection along with a small piece from the Winter Tales Collection to build my photo mat. I have distressed the edges of each piece of paper and used foam tape between layers for dimension. I then added some Calico, Twine, and my photo.

Next I began embellishing. I have added some different flowers, metals, ect. Then I have taken the chipboard word Beautiful from the Secret Letters Word Chipboard Sheet and covered it entirely in Gel medium then sprinkled Fine Silver Mica Powder over the top. I have attached it above the clock and flowers to the bottom right of my photo.
I have cut pieces of the Openwork Table Cloth and added them into my cluster along with the Pink pearl Twigs. I then added some Gel Medium in some areas beneath the clusters and sprinkled Purple Mica Flakes to it, before adding various different crystals from the 13 Arts store. 

I have continued to build up my embellishments around the page, adding more Twigs and Pearl Twigs along with a couple of 13 Arts flowers.

I have cut 2 butterflies from a sheet of paper in the Secret letter Collection, adding one each to either side of the page, wings folded slightly up. I have added a Dusty Attic chipboard piece beneath the flower cluster on the left with I have painted with the Glitter Pink SPLASH! Ink.
I continued to add pieces of the Openwork Table Cloth, Crystals and Gems and Purple mica Flakes beneath my clusters. 
I have also brushed the tips of all my flowers with Gesso.

To finish my page and tie everything together I added splashes of Chalk and Pastel Dirty Pink Mist and Pearl Pink Mist to my flowers, and also my chipboard title and other embellishments. I then brushed the Glitter Pink SPLASH! Ink along the tips of the flower petals. 
I added a small Gold Key and a 13 Arts Decorative Heart Crystal for final touches.

As you can see it was at this last stage that disaster struck and I ruined my photo. to replace it i simply gently peeled back any embellishments that were glued directly to the photo, and pushed them to one side (I did not need to remove them completely) then slid the new photo in place, gluing straight onto the old one. I then carefully glued my embellishments back down.

As I said at the start I like this photo much better!!!!

That is all from me today!!
 I hope you like my layout and that you found my tutorial helpful.  

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!!

13 Arts products used:

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hi everyone!! I am back today to share with you a Commissioned Canvas I made using some really beautiful pieces of Dusty Attic Chipboards.

Dusty Attic Products I have used:

Here is the canvas I created:

'Live, Laugh, Love'

Even had it not been requested that I use lots of pink on here, I likely would have anyway, as it is simply a color I adore!!!! Not to mention that I have been a little addicted to it lately!

The canvas is 12x16 Inches. 

 Some Details:

 I have taken the 'Live, Laugh, Love' for my title from the Mini Captions #6, simply coloring it with Black Ink. I have layered it above a resin frame. When I had finished the Canvas I gave everything a generous spray of Pearl Silver Mist, giving everything a gorgeous shimmer, including the title.

I have painted both Spring Blooms #1 and Foliage #5 with a very thick coat 13 Arts White and Silver Glitter Paint. When the dried I cut them apart accordingly and spread them around the canvas, tucking them into, and beneath, flower clusters.

The two 'Teardrop' drops are from the Ornate Pendants Set, painted with White SPLASH! Ink. I have used one slightly larger than the other then placed them side by side at different lengths, to look as though they are 'hanging beneath the flowers.

The 'XOXO' at the bottom of the photo was given the same treatment as the title.

The Mini Birdcage #2 has also been painted White with SPLASH! Ink. I have then placed a very small square of foam tape at the top of it, before tucking beneath the flowers, so that it sits slightly raised off the Canvas.

 At the top here  are some of the smaller parts cut from the Spring Blooms #1.

There is a lot of dimension on this canvas and tucking in the chipboard below, in-between and above layers really helps distinguish the different layers of the Canvas.

 That is all from me today!! I hope you like what I have created and will be inspired to pull out your own stash to give something fun and different a go!!!

Have a great week!!