Thursday, September 3, 2015


Hello to all my wonderful blog readers!!! I am back again today to share with you a canvas I made using lots of amazing Dusty Attic products!!


I have decided to go for a color combination of Browns and Yellow's this time, inspired by the fact that its not a color I use very often and I have a whole heap of embellishments and paints in these colors that almost never get used. 
For the background I have mixed some Dusty Attic modelling paste with 13 Arts MAGIC! Powder then spread it onto my background through the New Brick Wall Stencil. When it was dry I watered down various Dusty Attic Paints in Browns and Yellows and proceeded to paint my background, mixing and blending the paints to achieve my desired color gradients. When it dried I brushed a glaze of the Vintage Gold over the top.

Some details:

For my title I have cut the # off the hashtag Sayings word 'Blessed'. I have then painted it with watered down Dusty Paint in Soot, before brushing 13 Arts Gold Glitter Paint over the top. 
The leaves from Leaves #2 have been given the same treatment.

From the set of Polaroid Frames I have taken both a large and medium sized Frame. I have then proceeded to cover them in Washi Tapes. The larger Frame has been covered in a brownish/grey tape that has butterflies on it, whilst the second has been covered in a Brownish Tape that has writing on it (I have used the same tape at the top and the bottom of the canvas).

Taking one of the Frames from ATC Frames #3, I have painted in with an extremely thick layer of Dusty Attic paint in Hot Chocolate. I have then dried it very closely with my heat gun, which caused the paint to bubble up. Usually when I dry thick coats of paint with my gun it tends to cause larger bubbles in the paint but to my delight this time the bubbles were all quite small, leaving a fabulous texture in the paint!!!

Here you can see the gorgeous texture from the Brick Wall Stencil and Modelling Paste.

The leaves from foliage #4 have been covered with 13 Arts SPLASH! Ink in White, then Gold Glitter paint.

That is all I have to share with you today. I hope you have enjoyed my post and found something here to inspire you!!

Dusty Attic Products used:


  1. Какая шикарная и вдохновляющая работа! Рассматривала каждую детальку! Браво мастеру!

  2. Looks fabulous! Going to have a go with the paint and heat gun. I hate waiting for things to dry naturally!!! LOOOVE how you've used the 'blessed' word, too:):)


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