Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hey hey everybody!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend? We had my cousins and their kids come down Sunday afternoon for a swim which was awesome fun. My boy loved having other children to play with!!! The kids all went in the pool together as it was quite hot 36 degrees and humid. The littlest, Violet, swam with her mommy as she only 9 months old. The 2 boys Riley and Jet with their little floats. My Dad bought a boat float for Jet but he wouldn't let any of the other kids in it, whether he was in their himself or not. He wouldn't even let us put baby Violet in with him. He tried to push her out!! The 2 older girls Alyssa and Kayla just jumped and swam and splashed about on their own. Meanwhile my attempt to keep up with being super creative went down the drain when I realized I was out of texture paste, tape and glue all at once and I was unable to get more until this morning. I still managed a few creations though!!

Today I just have to share with you these 2 mixed Media butterfly tags I made. I have used a fair mix of product on here.... Card, patterned paper, acetate hearts, twine, stencils, gesso, watercolor paints, kindy glitz, liquid pearls glossy accents, and embossing glitter. Oh and Stazon and butterfly stamps!! Quite a list for 2 tiny tags don't you think!!

The first one has a big butterfly: 

And the second one has a small butterfly:

 When I had almost finished making these tags and I was adding the pink glitter, it got stuck to my yellow twine. At first I thought it would just dust off, but then when I went to do so I realized that wasn't going to happen as I had somehow got glue all over it. My first thought was to just cut it off and replace it, but then I got this idea of what it would look like to cover the whole thing in glue and glitter. It was messy to do, and in the end I just covered the twine in glue then dragged it through the glitter to make sure I got most covered. When it was dry I twisted the twine like rope. I'm strangely pleased with how awesome this looked. Not sure I would do it again as it takes a lot of glitter, time and mess!!! But for these two tags it was the perfect finishing touch!!

Anyway I have to go. We are off to my cousins for a birthday. I'll be back with some layouts on Thursday. Until then..... :-)

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